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An RL3 Run tool runs an RL3 Model (compiled beforehand by using the RL3 Compiler) against the file with Facts (taken as input).

The output file contains new Facts (e.g. data annotated from raw text input).

Possible options:

-h [ --help ]             display help message
-m [ --model ] arg        (required) an RL3 model file path
-i [ --input ] arg        (optional) an input file (stdin is used if an input file is empty)
-o [ --output ] arg       (optional) an output file (stdout is used if an output file is empty)
-t [ --type ] arg (=json) (optional) input type [json, text]
-n [ --fact ] arg (=text) (optional, used with 'text' input) fact name to store input text
-a [ --append ] arg       (optional) enable or disable append mode (used with file output, default = false)

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