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Common phrase patterns.

include <phrases.rl3>

and, or, not, the

Pattern Description
AND Matches and, &, etc
NOT Matches different variations of "not": not, dont etc
THE Matches the, an, a


Pattern Description
I Matches I and its derivatives such as I am, I do, etc
I_AM Matches I am, I'm, etc
AM_I Matches am I
MY Matches my, mine, etc
YOU Matches you
YOU_ARE Matches you are, you're, etc
ARE_YOU Matches are you
IT Matches it
IT_IS Matches it is
IS_IT Matches is it

ok, yes, no

Pattern Description
OK Matches OK, O.K., etc
YES Matches yes and its variations
NO matches no and its variations

hello, goodbye

Pattern Description
HELLO Matches different variants of hello
GOODBYE Matches different variants of goodbye

be, was

Pattern Description
BE Matches be, am, is, are, etc
WAS Matches was, were, has been, etc

dont, wont, cant

Pattern Description
DONT Matches do not, don't, etc
WONT Matches will not, won't, etc
CANT Matches can not, can't, etc


Pattern Description
BASE_QUESTION Matches what, how, why, etc
IS_THERE Matches is there
WHAT_IS Matches what is and its variations
WHAT_IS_YOUR_NAME Matches different variations of what is your name
WHO_ARE_YOU Matches different variations of who are you


Pattern Description
MOTHER Matches mother and its synonyms
FATHER Matches father and its synonyms
RELATIVE Matches relatives/family member references

nobody, everybody

Pattern Description
NOBODY Matches nobody and its variations
EVERYBODY Matches everybody and its variations


Pattern Description
WELCOME Matches different variations of welcome
WELCOME_TO Matches different variations of welcome to
WELCOME_TO_OUR Matches different variations of welcome to our

designed by, powered by

Pattern Description
DESIGNED_BY Matches different variations of designed by
POWERED_BY Matches different variations of powered by

other phrases

Pattern Description
SORRY Matches different variation of sorry
RUDE_WORD Matches "rude" words and phrases
MAYBE Matches maybe, perhaps, etc
FRIEND Matches friend and its synonyms
REMEMBER Matches remember, recall, etc
SAME Matches same, alike, identical, etc
BELIEF Matches believe, think, etc
DESIRE Matches desire, want, need, etc
BROWSER Matches browser, browsers, web browser, etc
WEBSITE Matches website, site, etc
WEBSITE_OF Matches the official site of and similar phrases
OVERVIEW Matches overview, details, etc
COMMENTS Matches comment, comments, etc
ALL_RIGHTS_RESERVED Matches all rights reserved and similar phrases

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