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The RL3 Standard Library is a collection of modules accessible to a RL3 program to simplify the programming process and removing the need to rewrite commonly used RL3 patterns and predicates. It is a part of the RL3 binary distribution package. It is also available as a separate open source project RL3 Standard Library.


include <ip.rl3>

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RL3 StdLib contains following modules:

common.rl3 general purpose patterns and predicates
copyright.rl3 "copyright" patterns
currency.rl3 "currency" patterns
datetime.rl3 date and time patterns
domain.rl3 domain name patterns
email.rl3 email address patterns
ip.rl3 ip address patterns
iso.rl3 "iso" patterns
location.rl3 "location" patterns
person.rl3 "person" patterns
phrases.rl3 common phrase patterns