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An RL3 Grep tool enables to search for the given RL3 Pattern in a file.

rl3grep [options] PATTERN_FILE

Possible rl3grep options:

-h [ --help ]            display help message
-l [ --list ]            list pre-defined pattern names
-d [ --defs ] arg        an additional definitions file
-e [ --pattern ] arg     a PATTERN (note that input data is transformed to lower case automatically)
-i [ --input ] arg       an input file (stdin is used if an input file is not defined)
-v [ --invert-match ]    invert the sense of matching, to select non-matching lines
-o [ --only-matching ]   show only the parts of a matching line which match PATTERN
-g [ --group ] arg (=$$) display only the given named group if -o used
--stdlib arg             a standard library path

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