C API Helper functions

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const char* rl3_make_simple_annotation_def(struct RL3_Engine* engine, const char* target, const char* pattern, const char* name);

Create a simple (i.e. uncompouned) annotation pattern:

engine: a pointer to an engine structure
target: targeted text
pattern: a pattern to be searched
name: fact name (label)
Returns: annotation definition


const char* rl3_html_to_text(struct RL3_Engine* engine, const char* html, const char* section);

Parse HTML section:

engine: a pointer to an engine structure
html: input HTML string (zero terminated)
section: a section to be extracted (body, title, description, keywords, abstract, author, copyright, publisher, classification, rating, coverage, category,pathway, apath, tlinks, hidden, frame_src, link_href, ads)
Returns: parsed HTML section