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rl3::KMLEngine class overview

rl3::KMLEngine is a subclass of rl3::BaseEngine class.

The class possesses members enabling to:

  • create engine objects of KML type;
  • perform operations specific for engines of KML type, e.g. TBD:.

Members inherited from the base class include:

  • TBD:



Create an engine of KML type.

Class member functions

TBD: Clarify

claim_input functions

void claim_input(const UnicodeString& input);
void claim_input(const std::string& input);
void claim_input(const char* input) {claim_input(std::string(input));}

claim_output functions

void claim_output(const UnicodeString& output);
void claim_output(const std::string& output);
void claim_output(const char* output) {claim_output(std::string(output));}

Functions derived from the BaseEngine class

Refer to rl3::BaseEngine class.